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At Capriscope, we can rely on years of experience in consulting new and existing goat farm owners. We can also offer our clients turnkey development projects. From consulting about feasibility studies, business plan development, nutrition advice and management guidance to delivering the required equipment, such as forage machines, milking parlours and nutrition products. Together with our trusted and experienced partners, we can deliver productive and profitable turnkey projects.



Capriscope can help you with everything you need to know about goats and goatfarming. Thanks to many years of experience we can offer you solid and reliable information about how to set up a succesfull goatfarm. Check out our focus areas below.


This service aims to provide a step by step guidance in using the resources that you have to design and build a farm that suits your needs. Whether it is building one shed or a whole farm we make you aware of all the options that are available. We work with a trusted architect that is familiair with goat and sheep farm buildings and their requirements. We can liaise with your investors or we can provide pre-planned barn layouts for you.


Our expertise in goat management systems means that we can evaluate your current systems and, where appropriate, suggest improvements that will increase your profitability.


Nutrition is vital in maintaining a healty herd that is able to be utilised to their full potential. We have the necessary knowledge that has been accumulated over 25 years of personal experience with goat farming. Our goal is to share this knowledge with you so that you are maximising your animal’s growth, development and production. From this stage we look at your goats technical results where their input and output is determined hereby are establishing what their ruminal behaviour could be.


Our expertise in this area means that we can advise you on how you can adjust your processes to maximise the efficient use of your resources. This will increase your production capacity and therefore your profits.


Our consultancy firm can be there to support you in the beginning and advise you as you develop your farm. We can provide you with a personalised plan which looks into all aspecrs of the farm including: Market research, Infrastructure requirements, Budgets, Herd flow tables and Building designs.


Capriscope has many years of experience in all areas of the goat sector. Whether it is performing feasibility studies, providing management advice, farm design or nutritional advice. Over the years, we have realized many projects worldwide through cooperation with our partners. Together we guide you through all the steps to a healthy and profitable goatfarm.

We know everything about goats and would like to share this knowledge with you.